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Sonicbids EPK

Sonicbids EPK Cowpuncher Press Kit

Facebook: Cowpuncher


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  1. jimmie_james_44

    You guys are so F#@%ing Awesome! Great show @ the 1st and 12th ave SW, block party a few Sundays ago. I have never heard of Cow Puncher before, and I must say that I feel that with alot more advertisement that you guys will go so much farther than you are at present. I am amazed at the quality of your sound, it is what makes Cow Puncher the band that they are. I am a dedicated fan and will be playing your songs when ever I am Dee-Jaying… No Doubt about it, LOCAL TALENT IS THE BEST! Keep on rocking the world, where-ever you are, and am looking forward to hearing more from you guys in the future.

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