Bring Brong

cowpuncher Alberta, Calgary, Castle

It was a real blast to play with the fellas in ManCub and JJ Shiplett at the Republik for our first Christmas special last week. There were so many hometown pretty faces. Thanks Calgary! This Wednesday we’ll be heading to the southern rocky mountains to play at Castle Mountain for their New Year’s eve bash at the lodge. 18 plus …

Moonshine & Mistletoe

cowpuncher Calgary, Jasper, recording

We’re back in the saddle baby! After months of a self-imposed exile to focus on writing we have made it to the other side with a new, fourth, album. It was recorded with our longtime engineer Josh Rob Gwilliam and his team at OCL Studios. We also brought in Derek Downham as our producer. A special thanks to Trevor Hatter …


cowpuncher Calgary, recording

It’s fitting that Calgary has been dusted with a fresh layer of snow as we begin a self-imposed exile to focus on writing. After months of planning we will be returning to the studio in October to begin a new album. In the meantime our Nov 2013 release ‘Ghost Notes’ is no longer a free preview on Exclaim!’s website. We’ve …

Free Ship Show!

cowpuncher Calgary, Festivals

We’ve been off the radar writing songs and preparing to record a new album in October. Over the weekend we played at Beaverfest in Valleyview. A special thanks to Darty from Chron Goblin for doing a standup job standing in on baritone! New Ryan! @chrongoblin #cowpuncher #beaverfest #yycmusic #pals A post shared by Cowpuncher (@wepunchcows) on Aug 30, 2014 at …

Stampede ‘Grams

cowpuncher Calgary

#cowpuncher #brokencity #yyc A post shared by Ryan Eliason (@ryancoleeliason) on Jul 6, 2014 at 4:43pm PDT Patio shows on Sunday funday. ❤️summer time! #sundayfunday #brokencity #cowpuncher #yyc #sunshine #summertime A post shared by Ally Peddie (@allypeddie) on Jul 7, 2014 at 9:36am PDT #cowpuncher at staff party. So #deadlus A post shared by BUSH (@bushman3000) on Jul 7, 2014 …

Boots and Hats

cowpuncher Edmonton, Festivals, Manitoba

Here in our home town of Calgary the downtown core has been transformed for cowboy halloween (Stampede)! Most of the events will be private functions but there are a couple of shows open to the public this Sunday. In the afternoon we’ll be playing the Rock Central Stampede Breakfast Revival Patio Party at Broken City. And in the evening we’ll …

Big Rockin’ It

cowpuncher Calgary, Festivals, Saskatchewan

We had a fantastic time performing during and after the Big Rock Eddies awards show last night! Folks got dressed up and hit the red carpet for beers, arts and socializing. Fancy! Beer and a Show!!! #bigrockeddies #liautosport #beer #coldone #cowpuncher A post shared by Lithium Autosport (@lithiumautosport) on Jun 16, 2014 at 7:29pm PDT Cowpuncher at the @BigRockBrewery Eddies! …

Windy City, Rad City

cowpuncher Calgary, Festivals, Lethbridge, Stampede

We’ll be heading to Lethbridge this weekend to play at Scores in support of a massive dodgeball tournament afterparty. Shields up! LA Beat did an interview with M’Olah to preempt the event: “Two guys tried to take on the whole bar and my face got caught in the middle of it. It wasn’t much of a fight for me, it …

Photos from CMW

cowpuncher Photos, Toronto

A couple of albums have popped up from CMW. On Thursday night Angelo Marchini from Aesthetic Magazine took these shots at Rancho Relaxo: And on Saturday night photographer Andrew Sztein shot this album at The Hideout: