Moonshine & Mistletoe

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Team Cowpuncher - November 2014

Team Cowpuncher – November 2014

We’re back in the saddle baby! After months of a self-imposed exile to focus on writing we have made it to the other side with a new, fourth, album. It was recorded with our longtime engineer Josh Rob Gwilliam and his team at OCL Studios. We also brought in Derek Downham as our producer. A special thanks to Trevor Hatter for documenting the process and to Michael Bernard Fitzgerald for the celebration whiskey!

This project is still a long away from a full release but the recording is done and back to the point at hand: The band is ready to play shows again and we have a whole set of new material. Wanna hear it? We want to play it! If you’re in Calgary on December 23 that means you need to come to our first ever holiday special at the Republik. Cowpuncher presents Moonshine & Mistletoe!

Moonshine & Mistletoe - Republik Dec23 - Cowpuncher, MANcub, JJ Shiplett

Moonshine & Mistletoe – Republik Dec23 – Cowpuncher, MANcub, JJ Shiplett

It’s the holiday season. Shake and shiver and sweat through the night with your head held high at a rock and roll show featuring MANcub, JJ Shiplett and Cowpuncher.

December 23 2014. The Republik. One day before Christmas eve. Two days before Christmas. A proper start to the time you’ve taken. Celebrate and be merry! Rock and roll is an excellent gift!

Doors 8PM. $10 advance tickets via Sloth Records and BigTickets.

The two other bands on the bill are a couple of our personal favorite hometown heroes.

Mancub is the latest proof that Calgary is a musical polestar. The foursome’s blend of noise infused garage rock shows their willingness to experiment with sounds but that loud, layered riffs and pulsating drums is their main vein. Mixing artistic noise adds weightlessness to their stark rock roots.

JJ Shiplett
Canadiana roots rockin’ red head. Also from Calgary. A songwriter in every situation and a dedicated player, JJ’s passion for quality music and sincere songs, is only matched by his goal to get everyone dancing.

The only other show we have prior to Moonshine & Mistletoe is The Legion in Jasper on November 28.

Here are some of the photos from our recording session via Trevor Hatter: