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Here in our home town of Calgary the downtown core has been transformed for cowboy halloween (Stampede)!

Most of the events will be private functions but there are a couple of shows open to the public this Sunday.

In the afternoon we’ll be playing the Rock Central Stampede Breakfast Revival Patio Party at Broken City. And in the evening we’ll be rockin’ out at The Palomino with our pals Coal Creek Boys and Bluessmyth!

Palomino - July 6 - Stampede Party w/ Coal Creek Boys and Bluessmyth

Palomino – July 6 – Stampede Party w/ Coal Creek Boys and Bluessmyth

It’s been a busy week. We drove for a whole day last Friday to perform at Dauphin’s Countryfest in Manitoba on the Saturday. It was a rainy muddy one. But lots of music fans were willing to get dirty and party with us! Sadly the whole Sunday, which we weren’t playing, had to be cancelled and evacuated due to storms. Further, it felt like a trail of destruction followed us as we came home. Spots in Regina, Melville and the highway got flooded and washed out hours after we passed through those areas.

We also had a near death experience. Driving to the lodge after our last show on Saturday night it was dark, wet and slow going through a forest. Normally you can catch a deer’s eyes reflecting on the side of the road with the brights on. However a moose was standing in our lane with it’s head turned and and we barely managed to get out of the way when we saw it at the last possible second. That’s some scary stuff! We count our blessings and have been lucky to have had only a few close calls. Usually in winter blizzards. Stay safe out there traveling bands.

On Monday we played at the Alberta Legislature for the province’s Canada Day celebration. Maybe it’s time we got into politics?

Cowpuncher running for office – happy Canada Day from the Alberta Legislature!

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