None Shall Pass!

cowpuncher BC, Calgary

A few years ago we were driving back from BC during a serious snow storm. It was slow going and there were a lot of delays, high ice walls and avalanche warnings.

When we finally journeyed to the top of the mountains we noticed what we thought might be an ancient warrior king standing guard over the pass. The blizzard whipped all around him as he stood sentry staring into infinity…

We carefully drove past him, never forgetting that he’s out there somewhere keeping an eye on the rocky mountain traveling bands.

This afternoon we stumbled upon a recent photo from the W Kootenay District twitter feed that proves it wasn’t just a winter mirage.

Long live the king!

Beateroute has posted a review of the Music YYC fundraiser we performed at last Friday:


Music YYC is an inspired initiative that is currently working to further support, encourage and enhance the vibrant music scene that is undoubtedly embedded within the fabric of Calgary’s culture. Despite being relatively new, Music YYC has been making huge strides when it comes to exposure, along with the amazing musicians that reside in our city, and Friday’s fundraising event at the Palomino was extremely successful in supplementing just that.

The event took place in the acoustically solid and infinitely cool basement of the Palomino Smokehouse, which acted as a perfect venue for the energetically eclectic crowd that came out to see a few killer bands. With many familiar faces of those who are focal points in Calgary’s music scene, as well as many fans that keep the scene alive, it was a perfect merriment of cultures coming together to support an outstanding cause.

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br-musicyyc-pal-feb282014-02Adorning themselves with masks, headpieces and other creative (borderline creepy) accessories to enhance their unique appeal, Cowpuncher finished the night. This five-piece local band blends folk and roots with rock & roll sensibilities. Both enthusiastically engaging and dangerously dynamic, Cowpuncher ended the night with tons of dancing, foot stomping and smiles all around.

Being Music YYC’s first official fundraising event, it was fitting that the vibe of the entire evening felt fresh and extremely inspired. Despite the -30 degree weather, the crowd, the bands and the event organizers embraced each other warmly, leaving an impactful impression on everyone fortunate enough to be there.

You can check out more photos from the show in Beatroute’s CrowdSurfing – February 2014 album.