cowpuncher Regina, Saskatchewan, Saskatoon

We did a quick tour through Saskatchewan over the weekend.

Our trip began Thursday in the small town of Rockglen to perform a concert at the Neil Jones Gallery. Our gratitude goes out to the small but passionate community living there for embracing us with their country hospitality.

We had a few beers with some of the crowd after the show and one of them extended an invite to attend a snake church service at 5AM. We were game to check it out but it was a bit early after a long day on the road. Some of our band members still refuse to believe that this snake church exists. So it’s a mystery we’re determined to solve the next time we travel that way!

On Friday we ventured northward to perform in Regina at O’Hanlons. It’s a great Irish style bar with a stage perched high in the air. We split the bill with Winnipeg based band Federal Lights. Definitely check them out!

In the bar we spotted a copy of the Saskatchewan entertainment weekly VERB and noticed we made the cover.

Verb - January 17-23 2014 Cover

You can read the article right here. It’s a gooder!

Last night we got to see a lot of our old friends in Saskatoon for our first show at Amigos.

Lately we’ve grown accustomed to merging our two-set nights into one big massive set. There was a barrage of Cowpuncher for 95 action packed minutes. It’s the longest stretch we’ve ever done. And fun as hell!

We’re home in Calgary as of a couple of hours ago with roughly 2500 km tacked onto the truck and new friends from our travels.

Thanks again Sasky!