Icy Roads

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Winter Touring outside of Grande Prairie

Winter Touring outside of Grande Prairie

Over this last week we toured northward and played a couple of shows in Grand Prairie. The province was (and still is) in a deep freeze so cold that the lowest recorded temperatures on the planet were reported in the area. And despite the frigid weather the people in GP were warm and welcoming. It was very Canadian up there. We were woken up to a moose call, we saw a snowmobile driving down the street and we helped push two Canada Post mail vans out of the snowbank/street!

Part of the stage at Better Than Freds

Let's play some rock 'n roll #yqu #rocknroll #love #death

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Killing time in GP’s Long & McQuade with RK’s disco country


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The snow outside the house we stayed at

Farewell Grande Prairie

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Last night we did another, shorter, jaunt north to Edmonton. Tomorrow it’s off to BC (Rockwater in Golden FRI, The Northern in Fernie SAT and a 2PM Sunday matinee at the Blackbird in Coleman). Former puncher, Tynan Groves, who now teaches music in Coleman, will be filling in on baritone for those shows. You’re in for a treat!

Papa Matt Olah

Regram from @deanplaysbass. Last night at #theblackdog #yegmusic

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Finally we will close down 2013 with a NYE show at Mikey’s Juke Joint. Tickets are still available at the bar.

Rocky Mountain Radio just let us know that we made their top 25 tracks list for 2013 with ‘Brazilian Summer.’ Thanks to Cam and the crew over there!