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One of my earliest music movie experiences was watching a biopic on The Beach Boys when I was but a wee lad. Coincidentally the first cassette tape I ever owned was also a Beach Boys greatest hits compilation. I can’t remember which event happened first.

Either way, there was this scene where The Beach Boys are starting to break out and they hear themselves on the radio for the first time. And they get really excited! It seemed like such a cool moment and being on the radio became a childhood dream.

And I’m hear to tell you today that it still doesn’t get old to hear the music you love to make and play being broadcast on the airwaves!

We are fortunate enough to have ‘Ghost Notes’ charting in the #1 spot on CJSW’s Top 50 this week. Thank you for the support Calgary!

We will be appearing on CityTV’s Breakfast Television this Thursday morning around 830AM and live on the air the same day at 3PM for CJSW’s ‘Disturb The Universe‘ program.

And you can see us live and in person at the Palomino on Friday night for our album launch. Get your tickets and popcorn here!