The 3rd Place is the Deepest

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Hey Punchers! FFWD Weekly announced the winners of this year’s “Best of Calgary” readers poll and we’re excited to reveal we made the #3 spot in the “Best local musical act” category! It’s an honor to be nominated and considered by our home town. We’ll continue working hard to write and perform music we like you to like!

Our pals The Dudes took the gold for the nth year in a row. Champions! Their singer Danny Vacon also took 3rd in the sexiest male specimen category which goes to show really, really shaggy unkempt beards are all the rage!

We’re also pleased that our friend Mandy Stobo took the top prize for “Best visual artist.” She included us in her Bad Portraits series and we can often be found on Sundays having a beer with her at the Ship & Anchor (which won “Best place to pick up someone of the opposite sex” and “same sex”, “Sexiest clientele”, “Best patio”, “Sexiest” and “Surliest staff”, “Best open jam”, among other accolades).

A surprising defeat for our lead singer Matt Olah who didn’t even place in the “Best Local Villain” category!

See you on the red carpet!