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The Republik - March 28, 2013

The Republik – March 28, 2013

Yesterday it was revealed that we will be performing at SLED ISLAND this year with the likes of The Jesus & Mary Chain, The John Spencer Blues Explosion, and friends like Roaming Storms, High Kicks, Outlaws of Ravenhurst, No River, and Deep Dark Woods.

Who says that country has to always be burdened by weeping guitars and realist stories about dogs and trucks? Calgary’s Cowpuncher know how to throw a veritable hoe-down, setting their high-energy country n’ roll as the soundtrack to a thousand shotgunned beers and high-kicked Chucks. Single or taken, it doesn’t matter: Cowpuncher will hit on you.

We played it last year and it was highly emotional.

Originally we had one set at the Palomino. I was walking from the Ship & Anchor after seeing Nardwuar and Andrew WK tear it up and met a guy who was supposed to open for us, but their lead singer had been arrested and they couldn’t perform. We ended up doing two sets without a break for a completely packed house. Side by side we were spitting on eachother and loving every minute of it! It was one of the best shows we’ve ever had.

In the morning we went to see our pals Dojo Workhorse tear it up at Broken City. We sang along, cried and were truly happy.

Their lead singer Dan Vacon posted the following the next day to give you an idea:

I have to get this off my chest before It’s too late. Thanks to my beautiful girlfriend for giving so much to this festival and being able to enjoy so little. Thanks to life for letting me play with my heroes. Thanks to my heroes for giving my bands props and buying mynheart at least another decade of rocking. Thanks to buzzalino for letting me be a champ and get FIVE rad towners into the sold out after party. Cheers to Cherokee for bringing his rv and positivity to everything. Thanks to PJ for sharing my every magic minute. Cheers to bend sinister for playing two $200 shows that felt like fifteen grands. Thanks to lee and Fiona and Paul and Martine for stepping out of the box and into the high kickin corral. Oh man. Thanks to the shirtless dudes and ladies at my all time favorite, unlikely to be topped high kicks after party at under mountain. Kudos to Calgary for wearing that fucken ear to ear grin and rocking out at EVERYTHING. There’s no way I’m gonna get it all in here. Thanks to my ma for saying that thing to me at cowpuncher that you prob don’t remember. Thanks to cowpuncher for patiently waiting for the world to see how amazing you are. Thanks to Shotgun Jimmie for bringing the juice at a fraction of what you’re worth. Ricca Razor, I owe you huge. Straight up Jimmie James, humblest greatest. My boys in the Dudes for believing in the maybes. The Dojo for doing everything our imaginations imagined, just better. Rempel for just wanting everyone to be safe. Beatroute Brad for realizing “its just an ambulance”! Nardwuar for crowd surfing your keyboard like a floating pony. Thanks to old friends for coming home and secretly regretting having left (I know you do. Fuck T.O. Fuck Vancouver. Come home for good anytime.) ANDREW O’NEIL I could go on forever. I haven’t even come to close to covering it all. Heart barf all over my shoes. Bootle! Ok, that’s it for now.

“You’re gonna die, do what you want.”
-Eric Bachmann

There was so much love in this city and it meant a lot to us to share in it.

Get ready for June, Calgary!