Gang Style

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Last night we finished the final touches on our upcoming record, code named Ghost Notes, with a little help from our friends!

Matt brought his RV and we used it as the location to record gang vocals with Pilot Audio‘s mobile recording truck in the Village Brewery parking lot.

Would you believe we fit the likes of ChronGoblin’s Josh Sandulak, The D’s Philly Roach, The Dudes’ Bob Quaschnick, ProHab’s Lindsay Shedden, Bad Portraits’ Mandy Stobo, FFWD’s Chelsey Parker, motorcycle stuntman John Christian Fraser, our favorite sisters Kelly Mandeville & Jodi O’Grady, Calgary Folk Music Festival’s Sara Leishman, CP wife Lorna Baird, and the first and truest Yancy of them all, Yancy Espinoza, in one vehicle with a microphone?! Not to mention the boys of Cowpuncher!

Tonight we’ll listen to the initial mixes and then we’re one step closer to releasing our new material.

Thanks to everyone who came out to Mikey’s Juke Joint last Friday and made it a such a magical evening! And another thanks to Mill St for bringing us into Beerfest again. We have some photos of that below captured by Jodi Reade.