March Madness

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Notable, the premier lifestyle guide for young professionals across Canada, sat down with baritone guitar player Ryan Kelly to learn about our band. Here’s a snip:

How does Calgary inspire your music:

Most of us wear cowboy boots year-round so that’s a start! We began as a roots and country act and that Western style of music permeates a lot of what we do, especially with the baritone and upright bass.

The independent music community in Calgary is small enough where a lot of the bands know each other. A segment of musicians, bar staff and their friends play rock and roll softball in the summer together. It’s tight-knit and supportive!

Last year’s SLED Island and the Calgary 2012 / Cultural Capital of Canada events were galvanizing. The situation looks positive with the new Folk Festival Hall and National Music center openings.

Where’s your go to spot for pints:

Matt’s front porch! Or the Ship patio. We love our Fireball Whisky.

What is your song writing process like? What do you write about?

For the most part Matt will come to us with lyrics or an idea and the rest of band will flesh out parts and arrangements together. We sometimes split the week up with separate guitar, vocal and writing rehearsals. Harley has started bringing his writing into the picture and you can already hear some of that at the new shows.

Our album ‘Call Me When You’re Single’ had a lot of heartbreak. Some of the new stuff is very story based. One of our newest songs, ‘Lonely Guitar Players Healing Circle’, came out of some jams we were doing in my apartment.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to start a band?

Do it! And practice your ass off! The electric guitar isn’t even a hundred years old. Be a pioneer for rock and roll’s sake!

Read the full interview here.

Also in print, the Calgary Herald wrote a preview of tomorrow’s show with High Kicks and Naplampom at the Republik. We, for five, can’t wait to play!

Next up, Show Gopher is a Toronto based website dedicated to Tdot local show listings. We were delighted to discover that they’ve begun giving out a Cowpuncher Award at Canada Music Week. It honors excellence in the field of band naming! This year… drum roll please.. the winner is Pkew Pkew Pkew (Gunshots)! Better luck next time Beards of Prey!

On the topic of congratulations, our Calgary brothers ChronGoblin were chosen as the true champions they are to play next month in London, UK at Desertfest. Hundreds of bands entered worldwide and they earned the one and only spot. Rock on!

Finally, Fantasy Ink is a blog dedicated to comic and fantasy art that also features artwork from the Golden Age of Illustration. They recently posted seven Cow Puncher comic book covers circa 1947-1949. See?! “Cowpuncher” really does mean cowboy!

If you’re in Calgary we’ll see you tomorrow at the Republik and Friday at Wine-Ohs!