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2012 is nearly over!

Our last show of the year is at Wine-Ohs for New Year’s Eve. The tickets are sold out and if you don’t already have one locked down then we’re sorry to report that the venue is already at capacity and there are none available. It’s exciting for us but that doesn’t help anyone who wanted to come!

That said, don’t fret! We’ve updated our website and you can now stream the two new songs from our recently released 7″! It’s a holiday/end-of-year parting gift! And of course we’d love to see you in 2013! You can find that stream in our Music section.

Thank you so much for your support this year! We were a busy bunch!

Some of the highlights include a relentless Stampede season (we bought a truck and trailer!), the festivals we were invited to play (SLED Island, SoulFest, Spaghetti Western Fest, FrogFest, Canada Music Fest, Beerfest, Lilac Fest), a couple of appearances on teevee (Breakfast Television) and radio (x92.9, CKUA, CJSW), playing shows with some of our favorite bands, performing as the musical guest at the re-united Hot Nuts & Popcorn Variety Show (which included guests Bruce McCulloch & Mark McKinney from Kids In The Hall!), exploring Canada, representing Alberta at Canada Music Week (Toronto) and the TransCanada Alberta Music Series, recording a new album in a machine shop (which we’re currently mixing for 2013), meeting new fans and friends, and releasing a vinyl 7″ lovechild as recently as last Sunday! We played rock and roll baseball in the summer!

There are some faces behind the scenes that deserve credit for helping us succeed as Cowpuncher.

Robbie Josh Gwilliam has been mixing us from the start of the Brown Album and now runs his own studio Pilot Audio. His new partner in crime Bruce Crews joined the team during our September session!

On the art front Geoff Hanson did our album cover for “Call Me When You’re Single” and has been our go-to design guy ever since. He’s done our shirts, our vinyl, the new posters and the new logo! One of the other bands he recently worked with, Alabama Shakes, is up for a Grammy. What a pro! We also have something up our sleeve involving Mandy Stobo, who included us in her Bad Portraits collection, so stay tuned.

Writer James Davidge and artist Fiona Staples have collaborated with us to create a couple of music videos which you can check out in our Media section.

The Calgary music community is tight and we’re lucky to be part of what seems to be a very loving and expanding scene. Bands like ChronGoblin, The Dudes, and Dojo Workhorse deserve a special mention for working with us and being our pals!

Sara Leishman has manned our merch booth like a champ! Mark Eadie worked on some stencils and guitar straps. Allison Seto documented our September recording session with her camera. We’ve begun working with Trent Schmiedge to do bookings through Graffitti Music. Lindsay Shedden has promoted us show after show after show. And Twin Butte Country General Store is the best place on Earth! (thx Phil & Jenny!) – If you want to get married then do it there! Fireball fuels us!

Again, thank you everyone for your continued support. Our families, significant others, friends and fans mean the world to us.

♥ you! Be safe and merry and we’ll see you in the new year!