Tantric Sexmas

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We’re ganging up with Broken City, FFWD Weekly and Steamwhistle Beer to bring some holiday cheer to Calgary this coming Thursday, December 20th!

Broken City - Decemebr 20, 2012

Broken City – Decemebr 20, 2012

FFWD and Steamwhistle present:

Thirdsday! A monthly, hosted party at Broken City with bands, beers and a theme. Every third Thursday. Forever. This month’s edition:

Tantric Sexmas!
“Santa won’t come until you do”

This fantastic (and only slightly dirty) pre-christmas party hosted by Danny V and Andy S, everyone’s favourite Homeless Santa look-a-likes!

Expect Comedians, Interviews, Surprises, Contests and the like.


Just a little something for the ladies. A stage of studly males playing love songs, loss songs and drinking songs. Barring their souls and giving the best gift they can. Obnoxiously drunk good times. And just maybe, if we’re all lucky, the rest of the band will lift the ban on Ryan Kelly playing with his shirt off. A small Christmas miracle.


The Suppliers:

All I want for Christmas is rock and roll. Thank fuck these exposure winners intercepted my letter to Santa and decided to oblige me with fast paced riffs and throaty vocals in the style of Joan Jett. Energetic and bold, with more kick then your dad’s rum cake.