Bad Portraits

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Mandy Stobo is the raddest. And her Bad Portraits Project is getting all kinds of well-deserved acclaim.

She is part of Avenue’s Top 40 Under 40 Class of 2012, she produced Calgary’s walk of fame “grate portraits”, and even made it into MacLean’s:

Last spring, as a lark, Stobo dashed off a few “bad portraits” for friends. Her pals, clamouring for more, loved how Stobo caught something deeper than caricature with a few deft strokes of pen and brush. Soon, Stobo realized she’d created an entirely new “oeuvre,” one that “starts art at the ground floor and makes people giggle.”

A Twitter newbie, she began pulling photos of celebrities she admired off the Internet and then painting them as unsolicited Bad Portraits. She then emailed the digital version to their Twitter accounts. Anyone can message a celebrity’s Twitter account, but getting a response is another matter. Suddenly, chirpy reviews were being tweeted by the likes of George Stroumboulopoulos, Conan O’Brien and, oddly, a growing clique of Los Angeles television writers and producers.

Stobo now receives daily orders for portraits, and her website gets as many as 87,000 hits a week. “That’s mind-boggling to me,” she says.

Mandy is usually at the Ship & Anchor on Sunday afternoons with a mini-studio creating masterpieces. For Christmas, and really any occasion, you definitely need to consider a creative portrait for that bad someone in your life!