Machine Shop Rock

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Story time.

Every once in a while we get a chance to play a show somewhere out of the ordinary. Back in the day we would head to the Medicine Hat area to perform at an annual cattle branding party. The ranchers set us up on a trailer decorated with cow bones and barbed wire in a field. Pretty rad. It was also pretty cold on the hands when night fell. But the fresh prairie oysters were worth it!

Fast forward to this past summer and there was one venue in particular that grabbed our attention. A real estate company decided to lease an abandoned machine shop in Calgary’s historic Inglewood neighborhood for their corporate Stampede party. They had a stage, lighting rigs, flame resistant hay bails (of course), food, shooter girls, and us. It was a well done party — we’ll gladly do it again! — but more importantly our drummer Jeff loved the sound of his drums in the big main room. High ceilings, big spaces. Like some sort of natural John Bonham sound!

It occurred to us that we have enough material to do a new record. So we called the landlord of the machine shop and last Thursday we set up a session with Pilot Audio‘s new mobile recording truck.

Jeff’s drums were in front of four cars being worked on by a mechanic. We made a semi-circle around him and played our songs in the dirt surrounded by chains, engines, and car parts. Greasy just how we like it!

We put in three long days and by last night (Sunday) we’d recorded the beds for all of our new songs. That dang room just sounds so cool! We’re excited!

We’ll give it a name when it’s born, but for now we want to you know that a new record is in the works.

Before that happens we will be releasing a 7″ sometime soon with two new songs.

In the meantime a big thanks to Robbie and Bruce for working with us, to the landlord for being so accommodating, to the fireworks for being so explosive, to The Blues Can (our HQ outside of the shop) for the delicious food and friendly staff, and to the folks who visited us to provide cheer and the occasional beer! (Yancy, Sara, Mark & Kerem, Kelly & Jodi, the guys from No River)

Below are some pictures from the studio: