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Dear internet,

You are invited to attend two fantastic parties this weekend, Aug17 &18, which we will be playing.

First of all, Aug17 is the 2nd Annual ProHab Bike-In Party! ProHab is an awesome charity dedicated to getting bike helmets on the heads of the masses. We play at 1PM. Other bands include our pals Dojo Workhorse, The Mountaineer, and Forest Tate.

We’ll have a bouncy castle for the whole family, a BBQ by donation, Helmets by donation, and Bands by demand!

Come one come all and don’t forget your helmets.

Sponsored by Calgary 2012, Protec Helmets, Tubby Dog, AMA, Vans, Sled Island, Jiffy-T, West Canadian, GFS Foods and Calgary Italian Bakery.

Brought to YOU, cuz we love you. By US, cuz we’re rad!

It’s going down at Ramsay Recreation – 2102 Ramsay Street SE, Calgary.

Second of all, all weekend long, it’s the 5th Annual Spaghetti Western Festival. We’ll be playing Sunday Aug 18 at 8PM in Olympic Plaza (also in Calgary for you out-of-towners).

We played on CJSW this afternoon to help promote this fine event.

Beatroute did a spread interviewing the host, curator and founder of the festival Matt Masters:

“I want [the local and out-of-town] split to be as close to 50/50 as possible. For the most part, we draw our big headliners from out of town. That’s not a rule of thumb,” he says, “it’s just kind of how it is this year.” The line-up this year includes bigger names, like Justin Rutledge, Dustin Bentall Outfit, the Heartbroken, Scott Cook and Petunia, interspersed with local favourites, like Cowpuncher, No River and T. Buckley. “When it comes to local band, I look for bands that are really working. Not to take away from bands that aren’t able to tour, or aren’t geared to that, but when I see bands working towards getting a presence outside of Calgary, exporting themselves, that strikes me as positive.

“The sounds are as diverse as they can be,” he continues. “You get a guy like Petunia, who has a real sound based in another time, a wandering troubadour, minstrel type thing, and you compare that to Justin Rutledge, whose take on a guy with a guitar is going to be totally different, and it’s different sides of a same coin. Then you get a band like Cowpuncher, who is going to be right between them, and those guys have their country influences as much as they have punk rock influences. They sound much more contemporary.”

The Calgary Herald also did an article you can check out.

Also of note, Taste of Calgary is happening downtown. It started yesterday and goes until the 19th. Yum!

Both shows are free. And rock and roll. Carry on.


Cutting loose at South Country Fair!

**[BONUS]** Ever wonder what happened to MuchMusic’s awesome VJ Master T? Look no further. He’s been found! Ever wonder what happened to music on MuchMusic? We’re still trying to figure that one out.