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Welcome to 2012 everyone. We made it!

After playing New Year’s Eve at the Commonwealth we went to our drummer Jeffery’s house for a get-together. Lesson #1 for 2012: The pomegranate fruit may look delicious, but it is not an apple and don’t eat it like one.

We played Mikey’s Juke Joint over the weekend and it was a blast. Before our second set the place sold out. By the third set there was some serious dancing going on. Nice dancing dancers!

After winning some studio time at last year’s Calgary Beercore Awards (Best New Band) we’re preparing to cash in and record a few new songs later this month.

At the end off March we’ll be in Toronto for Canada Music Fest. We’ve begun planning (and saving) for a short ONT/QUE tour that will happen around the same time.

We’re excited to see Twin Butte, the best place on Earth, Feb 4.

That is all for now!