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The Calgary Herald‘s Mike Bell wrote an article about us. Here’s a sample:

Thursday night, Cowpuncher will make another claim to that perimeter by releasing their new album Call Me When You’re Single with a show at the Republik.

It’s the band’s first since its 2010 release, The Brown Album, and it’s an easy, honest, exceptional statement that goes down as smooth as if it were swigged straight from the still.

On a musical level, it shows the artistic growth and stylistic evolution of the band, one that Olah and Co. have hard-earned through gigging relentlessly in the city’s clubs and around the rest of the prairies. And it’s a definitive and distinct sound they’ve rustled up — informed by their original twangier beginnings but never letting the dust settle as it honky-tonks, rockabillys, bluegrasses and lazily rocks.

“It’s like a soup,” Olah says. “The base is country but we put in a lot more ingredients.”