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Ladies and gentlemen. We are releasing our new CD “Call Me When You’re Single” tonight at The Republik. It is located downtown in Calgary, Alberta, Canada: 219 17th Avenue SW. We are doing it with our good friends Cam Penner and The Dojo Workhorse. Yes we will!

You can still BUY TICKETS ONLINE in advance to make sure you get in. I am a robot.

Ground rules:
#1 – Bring your mom. She gets in for free.
#2 – $15 gets you three live shows and a copy of the new record.

Matt and Harley expressed those sentiments on-air with X92.9 this morning.

Also, Calgary’s arts and entertainment weekly Fast Forward did a preview of us this for this week’s edition – check it out!

They may have painted this town brown on more than one occasion, but celebrating a recent coronation as the best new band according to the 2011 Calgary Beer Core Awards has local rock-posse Cowpuncher seeing gold.

The Metro, which is given to transit riders and downtown bigwigs/secretaries, also did a piece:

“We spent about four months jamming a few times a week and planning how to best approach each song prior to recording. We were knocking off three or four songs a day,” he says. “Then, we recorded it in an old church in the dead of winter. Over the course of two weeks, we were struck by this horrid flu. Each of us took a turn crawling around sick but no matter how sick we were, we still pulled ourselves together and spent about 10 hours a day recording.”

With a humorous tone, Olah insists you can hear the cold and aching on the record; however, tonight’s event is sure to be hot.

Thank you for your time. And love.