We tasted her heart

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There was a plane crash in the late to mid 70’s in the state of Idaho, I believe, and in the two weeks that followed in amongst the chaos of the surviving members of the crew and passengers cannibalism ensued. What brought those normal people in the middle of America to indulge in the finer meat? The same thing that brings us all to reckless behaviour, fear. A human body of normal average weight can survive without eating for at least forty days and more if there is a small amount of caloric intake to be found. Does a Cowpuncher feel fear? No. There is no fear in the band for that is the opposite of love. There is this ridiculous notion in western society that hatred is bad, fuck that, fuck that shit hard. So, am I not to hate racism with the greatest fervour? Hate is the brother of love, not the opposite; fear is the opposite of love, fear and ignorance.

What would a band fear? Let me list the possibilities: obscurity, poverty, lack of ability, animosity, instability, and other words that end in ‘ty’. Who cares. What does Cowpuncher have to lose? Its life? The legend that is a band is what carries that thing forward and all the essential elements are here with this band, there are the crazy shows that are underground, there are the crazy members that have agreed to come together and play, and there are the women of Cowpuncher that make them what they are (the broken hearts and the blue balls and all).

Is there fear? Shit yes there is fear, I was bullshitting before. Will you see it? Never. Why? Because we never let out comrades see the fear when fighting our war. What is our war? Cowpuncher’s war is the war on dickweeds. The war against the people that make laws without your permission, the war against the people that hold you in a line when you need to eat, the war against the ones that own everything and won’t let anyone have a stake; a war on dickweeds.

We are not complaining to hear ourselves talk, Cowpuncher had a clear mandate and that is to heal the world with its music and defeat the dickweeds, to somehow leave a broken and shitty world a little brighter than it was than when the band started. Sure we are broken vessels, but the cracks are how the light gets in and someday these little pieces of what we are will be useful. Run as you might, run to the store and feel better with the spending power of the card but there will come a time soon where all that will be left is the ability that a person has created for themselves, all the rest will be washed away (hopefully).

I am going to tell you a secret: Cowpuncher is not going away, as uncomfortable as we make you, we are here to stay.