How to drink 17 bottled Ceasar’s and live to tell the tale . . .

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Howdy Punchers,

We’ve updated the site with a few upcoming shows, but I’ll post them here as well:

October 15 – Lydia’s Pub – Saskatoon, SK
October 16 – The Fainting Goat- Regina, SK
October 24 – Juniors Pub, Calgary, AB

Also, here are some videos of our set at Mountain View Festival this summer. They put us on at noon right after these two twelve year old girls played. They had a real stage mom and everything! Their mom made one of the girls practice singing songs to her for about 2 hours after their set. The poor girl had to sing into her mom’s ear from inches away because it was back stage at a festival. It was pretty weird.

After our set, Scott drank 17 bottled Ceasars. Atta boy!

For some reason I can’t embed this video so here are the links instead:

Love it or Leave it!

Matt Olah