a love child

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the wind is blowing from the south, jupiter is crawling along the sky faster than the moon – the sun always beats both of them. the wind howls through the tipple, why are you here? i felt the change in my mind did you? it became crystals in my mind as the change blew in, there was no other sign for me but that. i sat in the trees in a slumber as the message came, where were you? the mail arrived by the speed of light. wandering the streets of hundred year old building with their new laundry hanging to dry, the desperate laundromats hungry for quarters, and me following thousand year old game trails; we are all slaves tied to a dream that someday life will be better, it will not, life is the reward of living. a message arrived that completion had happened, the message was from a dear friend- and dear friends are rare beasts. why are you still reading?

we have all walked in the shadows of the opulent, those fettered little ties that skim on our faces like peacock feathers outstretched and magnificent. she will prove herself before your court. she will not languish on the shelves of apathy, she is a child of love. she is our gift to the world. we made love for months, love between brothers and sisters of blood to create her. we watched friends come and go, pass and yearn before she was ready to be yours.

do you understand what i am talking about? do i have to spell it out?