The small town life….

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So, Tynan here again, just with my ramblings of whatever this blog is. I am going to tell you about the small town life, one that seems like a reincarnation. I was raised in small towns, Cowpuncher is a small town – there are seven of us, returning to this life seems like a rebirth. Every time that we, as cowpuncher, hit up the small town shows it is like a rebirth – do you remember the branding party? I am sure that you don’t remember the branding party if you were there, do you remember the british soldiers that regaled us with stories of their training, laughing at your buddies head exploding – and they were just ‘mechanics’. If you want to be reborn move to a small town listen to the trains as they pass, smile at everyone, start a conversation with a stranger, get stung by stinging nettles, watch a buck escape the CPR, listen to the crows in the abandoned tipple.

I am here now. There is nothing that can move me.  I fear nothing. I thought the mountains would surround me and close me in, they are my brothers. The mountains constantly speak to me, telling me of their conquest and their aspirations of triumph, I want to hold them in my arms as they sing me songs. As I write this I am watching the sky turn red with the impending storm, the clouds and weather move North to South here, sometimes Northwest to Southeast – but who is counting.I can see the stars. I watch them. I can see the north star in all of its un-glorious  glory, always staying north and telling me which way to go.

Why is the small town thing important to Cowpuncher? One, because thats where our hearts are. Two, because when the second record comes out that record will be recorded in a small town somewhere, in a church. Did that just leak? Yes, yes it did. Now that the first album is pretty much on its way out of the womb and into your loving hands we have made plans to work on the second installment of the Cowpunching collective collaboration! There are a ton of songs that we play live constantly that are great that did not make it onto this first album and now this will be our chance to go ahead and do it!

I feel many things here. I don’t feel a million souls scrambling around me, I can not feel the evil here. The ancient ghost has passed from this little valley and only the wonderful light beams through, the tipple sits silent and yet the trains roar past. I watch the decay of a by-gone era, one that I can never comprehend, nor do I wish to. The suffering that mining involved, today we think going beneath the Earth sucks, think of the potash mines just outside of Saskatoon, now think when a time when a horse was worth more than a man. I know that I live on the precipice of civilization here, and yet not two hundred and fifty kilometers away is one million plus people, all wanting something from me, they want my body, my skill, my eyes, or my teeth – how does a garden grow?

I am glad that the madness has passed and I am left here, without the madness. I see the lakes of my youth clearly in my mind again, the smell of the dirty two stroke. When Slave lake disappears from my mind I know that the world has gone wrong…..

I love you.