A view from the guitarist’s chair

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Someone on the edge of the music, whether they are a audience member or just an innocent bystander, might wonder what it is like being in a band like Cowpuncher. Now, I am the mullet swinging idiot with the Jazzmaster, the view from my seat is pretty good. I would say that playing with Cowpuncher is like being a fire-walker while wrestling with a large animal (a large animal being some sort of carnivorous beast like a polar bear mixed with a shark or a preying mantis mixed with a black widow + a snake), I have seen more events in this band than I have in any other than I have been in. I almost got into a fist fight with a sixty year old man, that was a first, thank God that his wife pulled him away while we exchanged words. Matt Olah has kicked more people than I have ever seen a lead singer do, Ryan Kelly has seen more action with that Danelectro than I have seen as well, I threw at mattress at the man’s head and it did not stop him in his action! We got a damn police escort into Medicine Hat, it does not get more country than that. I am looking forward to this branding party that we are going to play at, branding as in scorching cattle with steel brands that show who the animal belongs to, there is going to be a slip and slide there.

How would I describe our relationships, the best way to put it is how I would see the relationship between people in war would be, there is this trust that I can’t explain. If I mess up I know that someone has my back to make sure that there is nothing that will stand in the way of the whole; on the other hand, my love and respect for the guys in this band makes sure that I am always trying to bring my ‘A’ game to every performance. I have heard of people in music trusting others with their lives, I trust all these guys.

There is magic here. Tons of magic. I have no idea how to describe what is going on here. If you have a chance to see a show, get that chance now! The next show don’t make a lame ass excuse, you’ll be the one saying “I could have seen them at show X on this date when such and such happened.” There is always something that happens. At King Henry’s Matt took a knock in the head, kicked the same guy just moments later in the ass. Saskatoon was ridden hard and put away wet, we took them back to the institution, in the morning, under a fog laden sky – poor, poor little dear. Olds we had people wanting to buy the shirts off our back, there is nothing better than getting an offer on a shirt that will never get sold; I would take $500 for a shirt, not a penny less and no cheques, cash in my hand.

I love the songs and the words. I have started to love the studio for the first time ever. I normally hate it, the studio feels like trying to have sex in your Grandma’s basement, just get it done and then get a sandwich or something. The Cowpuncher process has allowed me to get the real meat out of me, get those ideas that are best without the feeling that I am not expressing myself properly. That does not happen too often.

My name is Tynan. When you see me say hello. Tell me what you thought of the show. Give me a hug. Don’t take too deep of a breath when you’re near me, I don’t smell good after that sort of thing. I love you.