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New T-shirts ordered! They should be ready for the show at King Henry’s on Friday.

We got a new PA. Life is going to be much, much easier now that we have our own fully functioning noise machine.

Matt Olah got to perform ‘Carry It All’ Dudes style at The First Waltz last Friday. The First Waltz was a reimaging of The Bands’ The Last Waltz. The Dudes covered ‘Carry It All’ and invited Matt to sing it with him. Ryan Kelly snuck on stage 2 during the night.

Cowpuncher Train tour – Via Rail has invited some of the members of Cowpuncher to tour around the country playing music on the train. We’ll be doing the inaugural trip to Winnipeg and back in late January.

Upcoming shows:

October 23 – King Henry VIII
October 25 – Murcochs’
October 31 – Fat’s Bar and Grill
November 13 – King Henry VIII
November 28 – Tracks, Olds, AB
December 18 – Rum Runner’s, Coleman, AB
December 19 – Twin Butte Store, Twin Butte, AB