87 Southbound

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What a weekend!  I took a bus up to Edmonton on Thursday to play at Ceilis. I guess the show went over well because I couldn’t take more than 2 steps without someone buying me a drink. I ended up getting ‘loser drunk’ with the help and consent of my girlfriend’s parent’s. I woke up at my friend’s house and the bathroom was full so I thought I’d sneek out back to pee in the alley and set off her alarm.

Matt Olah Solo in Edmonton

I then hitchhiked back to Calgary on Friday. I got a ride from this guy in an old Chevy and a six-pack of beer.  His name was Doug and he was an off-duty trucker going on a fishing trip – best ride ever. About 5 minutes after he dropped me off Trina Nestibo called me.  She was sick and wanted to know if I could cover her show at Gitters in High River.

So Kara and I jumped in her car and hit the road.  I love Gitter’s.  Huzzah for Gitters!

Saturday was Deon’s fundraiser show.  Jay had drilled a hole in his finger by accident so he had to play with his middle-finger.  We closed the show with the world’s greasiest version of ‘I shall Be Released.’