Do you have Internets?

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Twin Butte was amazing.  We played their annual ‘Last Calf Cabaret’ at the community hall.  It was one of those shows which for reasons unknown was really moving.   I mean moving in the emotional way not necessarily the kinesthetic kind of movement.  The location was wonderful, the crowd so friendly, it was overall an amazing night.  

I know what it was, it felt like we were floating around 2 feet off the ground all night long.  None of us wanted to go to bed because we knew that when we woke up we couldn’t fly anymore.

In other news, we only made one enemy.  One may joke about many things in Twin Butte, but one topic that must be kept off the list is Internet access.  You are now warned.

We had a fantastic time and can’t wait to head down again soon.

A big Thank You to Jeny from the Twin Butte store for organizing the evening: