Shari Rae – Bass, Backup Vocals
Garrett Thorson – Electric Guitar, Backup Vocals
Matt Olah – Lead Vocals
Jeff Sulima – Drums, Backup Vocals
Ryan Kelly – Baritone Guitar, Backup Vocals



Shari Rae – Bass
Garrett Thorson – Electric Guitar
Matt Olah – Lead Vocals
Jeff Sulima – Drums
Ryan Kelly – Baritone Guitar

Cowpuncher – a royally confident five piece Calgary band is celebrating the release of their fourth full-length album – Hustle. Working with Toronto based producer Derek Downham (Serena Ryder, Andy Kim, The Beauties) has energized Cowpuncher’s roots-infused guitar hooks with driving beats and pulsating electric bass lines to knock the socks – and the hats – off their devotees. Cowpuncher’s intense, high energy live show will leave fists pumping and your ears ringing with raw, authentic and anthemic songs.

Touring relentlessly in western Canada, these veteran performers have [un]graced the stages of JunoFEST, Sled Island in Calgary, Canada Music Week in Toronto, and Dauphin Country Fest in Dauphin, MB. In 2014 they won a WCMA for Album Design of the Year and in 2015 were selected as one of the top 12 bands in Alberta’s Peak Performance Project, coming home with a songwriting prize, fresh songs built though collaboration, and a reborn drive to deliver sweaty, punchy rock ‘n’ roll.

Cowpuncher’s Hustle makes the Polaris Longer List and and wins theYYCcene‘s award for top Calgary album of 2016!

[Producer Derek Downham] has now had a hand in the two best albums released in the city so far this year, with Evan Freeman’s monumental Luna and now Cowpuncher’s gobsmackingly excellent rock opus Hustle.

It’s an album that amps up everything that the quintet have been cultivating for the past seven years — raggedy-ass, swaggering singalong rock with a slight rural gait — and gives it a polished yet still somehow gritty psych sheen, bumping it into the ballpark of the best of, say, the Sam Roberts Band or Bare Jr.
(M. Bell, Calgary Herald, May 2016)

“Hustle is a bombastic sonic attack, an eclectic mix of aggressive (gasp!) dance melody driven by a score of turbulent bass frequencies, gang vocals and prog-guitar that sways from fluid stratosphere meanderings to a terse, angular flurry of notes along with big, meaty hooks that dig in deep.”
(B. Simm, Beatroute, May 2016)

Last week, I saw a gig. It was a big one, for all of the players involved. High stakes. Every band played well. It’s a hard-learned trick to play to the back of the bar as well as the people packed right up front. To make the crowd work as hard as the band. Everyone down in front left in a sweaty mess, as did the band, after pushing their new, unreleased material, and mixing in some revamped arrangements of their old tunes, to the approval of all in the audience. There was showmanship, banter, groove, and a tight, muscular band playing like they had nothing to lose. No trepidation, and clearly, no fucks given. An hour after their set, another band in the downstairs bar played one of their tunes, in a young boys cutting loose, extra speedy amphetamine fashion. “Hey band upstairs, thanks for rippin’ a killer show.”
(M. Dunn, TWOEARS/ONEMOUTH review, Oct 2015

“Both enthusiastically engaging and dangerously dynamic, Cowpuncher ended the night with tons of dancing, foot stomping and smiles all around.”
(Kayla Beattie, Beatroute show review, March 2014)

“Cowpuncher has garnered a reputation for sweaty, uninhibited live shows, impressing tried-and-true rockers, folkies, and metalheads alike.”
(Dave Whitfield, Rocky Mountain Outlook, January 2014)

Later On wins a 2016 YYC Music Award for Best Music Video!